What’s in a (blog) name


Food. Food. And more food. I would call myself a foodie – I’m sure there are varying degrees of foodies – so while I don’t have the fortunate circumstance of eating for a living (ultimate foodie)…I think about food all the time. Not just eating food, as a matter of fact it’s less about me eating food and more about the selection / pairing of dishes, the prep & cooking, and most importantly other people eating the food (I have mastered reading my husband’s reaction to the 1st bite in knowing if it’s good or needs work). THEN, I venture into my own enjoyment of food.

My thoughts on food:

  • Food is ingredients for food. Food is not made of ingredients. I know you’ve heard it before and it’s a very hot topic right now, but I’ve always believed it. It may take you moments to throw a frozen lasagna in the oven, but a little planning ahead you can prep your own lasagna (even better, make it with your own sauce, which is very basic to make). Even chicken fingers…I would challenge that it would take the same amount of time to bread & bake fresh chicken fingers as it does to cook pre packaged frozen chicken fingers.
  • Food is the tie that binds.

I grew up surrounded my amazing food. My step father was a non-recipe cook. Almost the 1st words out of his mouth every morning (before we even ate breakfast) was “what would you guys like for dinner tonight?”. He would shop daily for the key ingredients he was missing, and cook a great meal every night. Not fancy, but so good…and even better leftovers. I’m a BIG lover of leftovers.

My other influence was my aunt. Where my daily life was very much the casual gathering around food, when I went to my aunt & uncle’s house for Christmas dinner it was a sight & experience to behold – she was our version of Martha Stewart. The meals around the table, all squished together, are amazing memories for me which I long to create for my family.

Finally, some of the best times my husband & I, and my besties & I have – is around food. We LOVE to cook together.


This is all forms of beverage. From a smoothie / juice packed full of health boosting vitamins & minerals (seriously I get a high off prepping a super healthy smoothie or juice from a juicer – I feel like superwoman); to a fancy cocktail for each season; and of course those that already know me…wine. I love wine. Growing up wine was something my mother & step father drank nightly, and every Sunday morning was mimosas (they saved every cork and lined them on the very top of our kitchen cabinets). It was a social act for our Montreal culture.

I’m not a wine connoisseur by any means. I am much more adventurous with food than I am with wine – probably because I tend to err on the side of frugal…so I fear trying something new and hating it, thus feeling like I wasted money. Example my husband once bought Moscato, I poured it down the drain.

My fav is pinot grigio…though a born & raised Italian man once told me that pinot grigio isn’t real wine (I raised my eyebrow, and took a sip anyway). Tried pinot gris and I liked it, was actually a touch more dry which I love. And for reds I like malbec, chianti, merlot. Not a fan of a mixed grape in either white or red.

My thoughts on wine:

  • One glass on a somewhat empty stomach after work (so not as in haven’t eaten all day empty stomach, just haven’t had dinner yet) – completely takes the edge off a bad day (or edge off before you enter mommy mode after a busy work day). It’s just enough to relax you, but not too much to even get you tipsy.
  • Maybe finish a bottle on a special occasion – but don’t go further…too much wine is a BAD thing. And the sweeter the wine & mixed grape, the worse. Worst hangover I have ever had was after the evening wine orientation at Earls – Worst. (Other than my too-young-and-too-many-goldschlager-shots which caused me to arrive at the airport to only be put in a wheelchair by the attendants, taken to the airport infirmary..and I missed my flight to go visit my father who I told I had the flu…my step mother quickly gave him the straight goods based solely on instinct)


My love for food. My love for drinks. And most of all there is no love for those without them tying to the love I have for my family.

Food can heal a body, mind, and soul.  Food can evoke emotion, and be an integral part of a memory.

I am one of the believers that before any drugs, food can heal the body. When my family is well – I love to make them amazing food. When they are unwell, I pack them full of nutrients … hubby had a bad cold the other day, I got up promptly to make him hot water with lemon &organic unpasteurized honey, followed by a large glass of green juice.  And yes, sometimes that even means non nutrient yet comfort…such as when I have a cold I MUST have the Lipton cup of soup with the short cylinder shaped noodles. Not the short flat noodles which also has ‘chicken’ (not) in it…just the broth with the noodles. Yes, I’m a Lipton cup of soup snob.

So this blog – will be my journey with the Yums, the Sips, and the Love. I hope you enjoy the ride.


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